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Halison Casimiro

With a multidisciplinary experience and an international practice, I assures personalized and distinguished services on IT advisory.

Enthusiast and expert.

Hello, my name is Halison Casimiro, and I am an IT professional with over 20 years of experience in project management, front-end and full-stack web development, and IT management. I have a diverse educational background and a proven track record of success that spans many years.

In 2007, I earned my Licentiate & Bachelor degree in Information Technology. In 2010, I completed two diplomas in Australia, one in Management and Marketing and the following year another in Information Technology, both at Certificate IV level (AQF - Australian Qualifications Framework). In 2018, I became a specialist in Project Management, with a postgraduate degree from IESB (Institute of Higher Education of Brasília).

Throughout my career, I have held a variety of IT-related positions, starting in 2001 as an IT Analyst at IBM. From 2006 to 2008, as an IT Consultant, Interaction Designer and Analyst at UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). From 2011 to 2014, I served as a Senior Front-end Web Developer and Technical Lead at ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation). Then, I worked as an IT Manager and Web Specialist, Senior Military Temporary Technical Officer at the Brazilian Army from 2014 to 2022. Most recently, I worked as a Senior PHP Full-stack Developer at Ibrowser Consultant from 2022 to 2023. All of my web experiences have focused on prioritizing accessibility and adhering to the W3C and WCAG guidelines.

Over the years, I have developed strong communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills, and I am committed to delivering exceptional work in every role I take on. Whether working independently or as part of a team, I am dedicated to achieving project goals, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations.

As a second language, I possess confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities in English. I have also proven my adaptability to differing cultural and business environments. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and how I can contribute to the company.


Coding and Technologies

Joomla!, Plone, Magento e Wordpress0
HTML5, CSS3 e Javascript0
Bootstrap 5, PHP, MySQL, LAMP0
Angular, React JS, JQuery e Adobe Photoshop 0
UX Designer, Usabilidade e Acessibilidade, Otimização0
Gestão de Projetos, Metodologias ágeis, Scrum e Kanban 0

Academic education

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Postgraduate Project Management
Higher Education Institute of Brasilia (IESB)

Specialist in Project Management

Brasília, DF, Brazil - 2017 – 2018
Certificate IV in Information Technology
ACT - Australian College of Technology

Training is delivered in stages which correspond to AQF Levels IV-VI.

Sydney, NSW, Australia – 2010 - 2011
Diploma of Management & Certificate IV in Marketing
APC - Australian Pacific College

Outcome: IT Specialist, Database, ICT Business Analyst, Web Designer and Web Developer.

Sydney, NSW, Australia – 2009 - 2010
Licentiate & Bachelor degree in Information Technology
Fortium College
Brasília, DF, Brazil - 2003 – 2007
Course of Hiring IT Solution aligned to Governance
JML Consultoria

Risk management and Compliance - as brazilian law IN Nº1/2019

Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2019
Course Preparation of the Information Technology Master Plan
Higher School of Networks (RNP)

Preparation, Diagnosis and Planning phases

Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2018
Web Marketing, SEO techniques and Web architecture
Universidade de Sydney
Sydney, NSW, Australia – 2009
SEO and AdWords Seminar
Google Sydney
Sydney, NSW, Australia – 2009
Plone for Web Developers (Python programing)
Simples Consultoria - SP
Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2006


Senior Full Stack Web Developer
Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2014 ~ 2023

As a full-stack PHP developer, applications were developed, configured, and installed, and systems were integrated to provide web solutions for clients. Proficiency in PHP (using Yii or Laravel Frameworks) and JavaScript (including Typescript front-end frameworks) enabled the delivery of robust and scalable web applications.

To ensure codebase quality and reliability, GIT and SVN were utilized for code version control, and unit coding testing (PHPUnit and Sonar) was performed. Additionally, agile, GLPI, and SCRUM methodologies were employed for project management, ensuring efficient and effective delivery of high-quality solutions to clients. Skills in analysis and UX design were applied, with a focus on accessibility and adherence to the W3C and WCAG guidelines. This facilitated the creation of intuitive and user-friendly web applications that met the needs of clients and their customers.

The goals as a full-stack PHP developer were to achieve the following objectives: The company's revenue was aimed to be increased by obtaining a minimum of 30% increase in Total Sales Units (TSU) through successful implementation of web solutions that met clients' needs and exceeded their expectations; Timely delivery of projects was ensured by completing sprints five days ahead of the deadline. This allowed effective management of client expectations and establishment of a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for web development requirements.

By achieving these goals, contributions were made to the growth and success of the company, while also enhancing skills and knowledge as a full-stack developer.

Brazilian Army (EB)
Full-Stack Web Development Lead - Technical Military Officer
Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2014 ~ 2022

I was a Technical Officer Lieutenant in the Brazilian Army, serving as a Full-stack Web Development Lead. With a Professional Higher Diploma for IT and Military Services, I oversaw technical activities in Information Technology, ensuring project documentation was clear and complete. I communicated effectively, collaborated with management at all levels, and handled confidential information. As a point of contact for project teams, I facilitated access to necessary resources and utilized various technologies for web development. I also mentored and guided fellow developers, enforced technical standards, and promoted consistency and quality in all projects. .

Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2011 ~ 2014

Senior Front-end Web Developer and Technical Lead

Your IT Help Australia
Agency specializing in strategic online advertising and promotions.
Newtown, NSW, Australia – 2008 ~ 2022

Interact Designer and Senior Web Developer


UNDP - United Nations Development Programmer
IT Consultant, Interaction Designer and Analyst for the Brazil Federal Council
Brasília, DF, Brazil – FEB 2006 ~ OCT 2007 e JAN 2008 ~ SET 2008

As an IT Consultant, Front-end, and Interaction Designer, my responsibilities included developing front-end interfaces for web applications, managing systems in ZOPE/Plone, conducting system analysis, designing information architecture, and ensuring accessibility and usability compliance. A significant achievement was implementing open-source software systems on GNU/Linux for Legislative Chambers in Brazil, utilizing technologies like GNU/Linux, Zope, Plone, Python, MySQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, and web standards. I stayed updated on new technologies, collaborated with cross-functional teams, and aimed for seamless integration and optimal user experience.

Poliedro Development, Consulting and Services Ltd.
Computer Software and consultant industry
Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2005 ~ 2008

Senior Interactive Designer and Front-end Developer

Brazilian Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger
Government Agency ; Government Administration industry
Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2002 ~ 2005

Senior Web Producer and Developer

IBM Global Business Services
Information Technology and Services industry
Brasília, DF, Brazil – 2001 ~ 2002

IT Analyst subcontracting by Carrefour S.A.

Other Experiences and Additional Information

International Olympic Committee
Jogos Olímpicos Rio 2016

Voluntário como International relations team member.

BRB – Banco de Brasília

Especialista em automação bancária.


Especialista em automação Comercial e Líder técnico.

Brasil Telecom – (Atualmente Oi Telecomunicações)

Participei da equipe técnica de implementação da ADSL em Brasília.

Instituto Wilson Lima

Professor do Curso de Manutenção e Configuração de Computadores e Redes.

Igreja São João Batista – Gama-DF

Voluntário em projetos sociais.

Centro de Ensino Técnico do Gama

Curso de formação em técnico em Eletrônica – 4 anos. (CREA-DF)

  • Experiência profissional e pessoal em ambientes com diferentes culturas e idiomas;
  • Abordagem estratégica para a criação de aplicativos e soluções web;
  • Capacidade de trabalhar coletivamente em um ambiente exigente, rápido e com proatividade;
  • Innova Summit, Conferência de inovação da América Latina (Brasília - 2019)
  • III Fórum de Governança de TI, Correios (Brasília – 2016)
  • Debate sobre Contratações de TIC no SISP, ENAP (Brasília – 2016)
  • Seminário Governança Digita, ENAP (Brasília – 2015)
  • CONSEGI Brasil, Congresso de tecnologia (Brasília – 2013)
  • Joomla Day DF, Palestrante do evento (Brasília – 2012)
  • CeBIT Austrália, Exibições e Conferências em TI (Sydney -2011)
  • CEATEC Japão, Exposição de Tecnologias Avançadas (Tóquio - 2010)
  • Fórum Internacional de Software Livre (Porto Alegre|RS - 2006)


I will always be ready for new challenges, do you have a challenge for me?

Brasília - DF




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